Mentor Coaching

I'm in a coaching training program and would like to donate some practice coaching sessions to the community. If you have ever wondered about coaching and what it entails, this would be a great opportunity to check it out.

My working "benefit statement" is "Helping mothers(Working or SAHM) find balance in their busy lives by transforming their relationship with their to-do list. I help you make healthier choices to bring in mindfulness and give you back time to yourself.

For some background: my training is through Coach Training Alliance:, and I've also had practice as a mentor to employees and interns at work.

Do you each have about 15-30 min to do a practice coaching session on the phone or we can meet at Starbucks or another local coffee shop (my treat!)?

QUICK PSA: This is not meant to be therapeutic, or a deep dive into your past or wounds, but more of something to help you push forward to reach a goal. E.g. - you want to workout 30 minutes each day, but you cannot find time to do so... My job as a "mentor coach" would be to explore what "cannot find time to do so" means, and help you work through that issue.