Dare to Wow - The Foundation: Own your Body Design

Seeing, learning, and making sense of your true design and colors will enhance your knowledge, awareness, self-acceptance and confidence to dress in a way that is unique to you.

This process will save you years of wondering why your clothes don’t quite fit and hours of hoping to find the right outfit when you walk into a store.

In this 2 hour session:

• We will review your intake answers with the purpose of recognizing your style personality and clarifying your relationship and needs around dressing.

• I will teach you Dare to Wow’s “The Four Pillars of Style.” These pillars create the foundation of any successful outfit.

• We’ll analyze your body from an artist’s perspective. You’ll embrace and understand how your body is designed in terms of lines, shapes, proportions, scale, textures and body particulars. These elements will give us the understanding and solutions on how to select clothing and accessories that are in harmony with your body design.

• We’ll talk color. I will teach you about hue, temperature, value, resonance and intensity in relationship to you. We’ll discover your natural colors found in your skin, hair and eyes as well as, identify a personal color palette.

• You will try a variety of color fabrics to see first hand how some colors make you shine and others totally washed you out. You’ll know what your neutrals and power colors are. You’ll have a new connection to color that goes beyond what the stores sell and celebrities wear.

• I will provide you with a folder that contains all the information discussed and discovered.

Then you will have a NEW understanding and shopping and dressing will be a different experience. And... I am here to support you, coach and teach you.

In my book, you are a WOW! ...xo, Susana