Masala Dabba (Spice Box)

This masala "dabba" or spice box is a traditional Indian spice box that Indian cooks keep nearby full of fresh ground spices so that the spices are always at an arm's reach when cooking up a traditional Indian dish or an Indian-inspired dish.

The spices included are the common ones used by most Indian cooks. The box holds seven freshly ground single blend spices or combination spice blends. Spices include turmeric, freshly ground coriander, freshly ground cumin, freshly ground and uniquely blended garam masala, Indian chili powder, brown mustard seeds, and cumin seeds.

The individual containers hold about 1/4 cup of the spice. The individual spices will be labeled underneath each container. A small metal spoon comes with the spice box and the lid is an airtight see-through lid.

*Custom boxes also available for global and regional cuisines.