Cooking lessons with Nutritional Planning

Do you want full flavored, tasty meals that are nutritious?

Purchasing great, seasonal, local ingredients and cooking them fresh is the best eats. Let's design an optimum cooking lesson which provides you delicious recipes. Learn sauces, dressings, soups, variety of spices, baking, stewing, desserts... more

I teach fresh ingredients and spices. Cooking healthy is a lifestyle you could adopt to create delicious meals. Learn techniques like layering of flavors, and more tips.

I have proven techniques. your personal instruction lead by an experienced nutritional professional cook.

Cooking lessons from beginner to intermediate.

$65.00 ( 1st hour)

Develop meal plans, recipe appropriate, plus a shopping list of ingredients. Made in your home kitchen, cooking as many dishes off the meal plan as time alloted.

$100.00 (minimum 1.5 hours, + see hourly rate)

Have your traditional dishes made to healthier options -Learn these alternatives for cooking healthy while still developing flavor.