Personalized Cooking Lessons with Nutrition guidance

Personalized training to teach new skills or enhance your cooking techniques. Create the meals you want at home, readily.

There are plenty of great, seasonal, local ingredients to cook. Treat yourself to this natural form of eating, fresh and local. We will design an optimum menu plan with delicious recipes and balanced nutritional values.

Healthy eating is a lifestyle you can certainly achieve to sustain longevity. It does not constitute lack of taste or flavor at all. I will inform and instruct you as a experienced professional and nutritionist.


*Nutrition assessment to qualify your dietary needs, obtain your daily Kcal requirements, and set personal goals. If you need help understanding carbohydrate (CHO) balancing for your health, I can teach you counting and balancing CHO for healthy eating. If any food allergies alternatives and substitutions used. I will develop recipes, arrange meal plans and you learn to cook these meals.

$65.00 ( 1 hour)


* Cooking instructions. Beginner to Intermediate.

You can choose any cuisine style; here are just a few; Southeast Asian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Thai, Barbecue, Italian, Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan, Desserts, Soups, Sauces, more...

(Listed Images above: 1) fresh spring roll, 2) glazed salmon, 3) cashew & cauliflower tossed rice, 4) mushroom with herb quinoa, 5) lemongrass chicken soup, 6) green curry).

Meals are made in your home kitchen from the meal plan. You pick up all the ingredients for the recipes.

Minimum 1.5 hours + ( price based on hourly )

Discount on weekly or ongoing cooking.

Have your traditional dishes made to healthier options -Learn these alternatives for cooking healthy while still developing flavor.