Healthy Meal for your Family or Friends

I will prepare a healthy meal for your family. Each item on the menu has a cost associated per person for the food. When available, I choose organic, pesticide free, no GMO, no hormones, no nitrate foods.

Please choose one of the following items:

1) Faux Coq Vin: A take on Coq Au Vin with chicken and spaghetti squash (hourly rate plus $15/pp)

2) Pineapple Basil Chicken: Served over cauliflower rice in lettuce boats (hourly rate plus $10/pp)

3) Shrimp & Kale Salad: Served with butternut squash, blood oranges and beets (hourly rate plus $10/pp)

4) Mom's Salmon: Baked with parsley and mustard and served with asparagus and grilled corn on the cob (hourly rate plus $17/pp)

Within a 15 mile radius, the food will be delivered at 6pm on the agreed upon date unless otherwise requested.