White Gold Lavender Filled Eye Pillow Medium

Lavender filled eye and belly pillows made with vintage African print fabric. The relaxing scent of lavender paired with the vibrant yet soft African print fabric makes these ideal for days you need a heavenly escape from the day to day.

Makes the perfect gift for family and friends as well.

Variety of uses including: headache relief, sleep aid, stiff joints, or cramp relief to name a few.

Song singularly

9 x 4 inches (medium sized pillow perfect for across the eyes, forehead and more)

Inner pouch is filled with rice & dried lavender.

Microwave for up to 30 seconds or put in the freezer for a cold compress.

The scent lasts for years, to refresh gently squeeze the pillow.

Removable cover for easy cleaning. Wash the cover on gentle cycle with like colors, air dry.