Meal plans to lose weight $30.00 to $38.00 per day

How the Diet Plan Works

The diet is home made prepared package meals for your entire day. Each day for six days of the week you will have three prepared meals and at least one snack. You purchase six days, with one day off to eat on your own. The pick up Is twice a week of fresh and home made, tasty meals.

The meals are between four levels, 1250 to 1750 calories per day. Which is a predetermined calorie meal plan to optimize weight loss. We then determine the right calorie level for you. This is based on your current weight, height and your gender. Pricing is based on calorie level, so it goes up in price for higher levels which is more food.

As you lose weight, your calorie level could shift accordingly. Dieters can expect to lose an average of 1 - 2 pounds per week on the diet*


Each morning eat a highly nourishing breakfast, with protein , omega -6, high fiber grains that will give you a solid energy boost to start your day. Home-made and quite tasty.

Lunch and Dinner

Will be bright, fresh and flavorful fare. You will not have to eat just eat salads. Although our salads are pretty tasty and we offer amazing variety. There are many ways to eat whole grains, vegetables, and proteins that pack flavor in every diet meal.

We introduce omega -6, fiber, antioxidants,, flava-noids food to help in your weight loss, but also offer health benefits for your entire body's system.

Snacks -

These are Tasty, nutritious snacks that can give you the power boost you need. From 100 to 230 kcal

Minimum to start is a 4 week meal plan. This could mean a 8 lb loss if you follow this and not stray from the meal plans.

This diet plan is recommended for women.

*With regular exercise.

We offer the male audience with different kcal levels and include protein to calorie menu plans to consider muscle gain.

If interested please email me and I can show you what a sample week's menu contains.