ANAYA LILY Handmade Face Cream -- Lavender, 2 oz.

Hi! I am kind of a health nut and am always looking for natural solutions to everyday needs as it relates to the body.

I love learning about food and how we can use it as medicine for common ailments.

A few years ago, I started looking for natural options to replace my store bought face cream. After some research and trial and error, I started making an amazing face cream. My two boys and my husband love the cream as do my friends. Originally, I only made it for myself and my family. Soon after I began gifting it to friends, and when repeat requests came in for the cream, I realized I was on to something special.

The cream has only 6 ingredients and is extremely nourishing and hydrating! It's very moisturizing and will give your skin a nice glow. The cream has an oily feel to it, similar to a serum but more rich (my skin just drinks it up). I hope you love it as much as I do!

PLEASE NOTE: I use all natural and high quality ingredients.


Almond Oil

Coconut Oil

Vitamin E Oil

Shea Butter


Essential Oil

All creams are sold in a glass container and WILL SHIP ONE WEEK AFTER ORDER IS PLACED.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!