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Hello. I am Amber Collins and I am the accidental CEO and Founder of cabine. Though I knew somewhere deep inside that I would someday create a community-based company with a mission to respect Mother Earth, I didn’t wake up one day deciding I would design jewelry.

But that’s what happened, and since cabine’s first days, it has been a way for me to explore nature and working with my hands, while consciously taking into consideration the way humans consume and create waste.

My background is a little unconventional and my early experiences have largely shaped my company philosophies. I was raised on an Indian Reservation in South Dakota before moving to California with an extraordinary reverence to the Earth, native culture, family and community. What I wanted my company to look and feel like existed well before I knew what product I would be making.

At 16, I started modeling and traveled to Tokyo and Paris, walking in my first Paris Fashion Week before even graduating high school. With a very successful and growing career in fashion, I found myself traveling the world and learning as I went.

A few years later, I became a mother. When my son was born, it changed everything. I was in the thick of a very successful fashion career and his birth freed me from my ego so fast. It was much needed and a time in my life I so treasure.

Becoming a mother influenced so many other things in my life, as well. I was increasingly struggling with the fast fashion mode of consumption and what it does to the Earth’s resources. One day I embellished some sage, and cabine was born.

Since cabine’s inception in 2015, I have set aside a portion of the company’s proceeds to benefit Sacramento’s Mustard Seed School, a free, private school, serving homeless children ages 3-15, with the goal of preparing and enrolling them in public school. They provide a safe, nurturing environment, a positive learning experience, survival resources such as food, clothing and shelter, in addition to medical and dental screening, immunizations and counseling.

Find out more by following me on Instagram @cabinemonde or @amberacollins.

Thank you for your interest in cabine and for joining me on this journey.

"if you want a golden rule that will fit everything, this is it: have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful." - william morris

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